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Profile PictureNatasha Reynolds

Having enjoyed playing sports in school I found that when I moved to Dublin at 16 I became lazy and lethargic. It wasn't until after a personal tragedy at the age of 26 I found my way back to loving exercise and keeping fit. At the time I decided I needed to get out of the house and do something for myself and settled on joining a local Martial Arts Studio; Bushido Martial Arts in Clondalkin.

Unfortunately the level of core strength required for Kickboxing was not something I possessed following a back injury years previously. I found that my weak core muscles meant that I could not train for any length of time before my back spasmed and I was left in agony. After attending many, many different physiotherapists and having epidural pain blockers I tried Pilates classes and after a year or so I never looked back!!!

Continuing to attend Pilates classes as well as teach Pilates has allowed me to continue my martial arts training, attain my black belt, lift weights, run 10ks and have a baby and all with no re-occurring pain in my back.

My passion for fitness is evident in my continued training in both Martial Arts and Pilates. I trained in both disciplines right up until 38 weeks pregnant and was back training 6 weeks following the birth. My biggest achievement to date has been obtaining my Black Belt just 8 months after having my baby. It was 7.5 hours of both physical and mental pain but I never gave up on achieving my goal. I also ran my first 10K in under an hour just 9 months after having my baby.