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12 reasons to take up Pilates this summer. I know no. 3 is one my sudents comment on the most.


2nd June

Andy Murray has a new reason to cheer, his form so far at the French Open has been spectacular. Murray has won all 10 of the matches he has contested on the clay surface this year. And what's played a big part in upping his game: pilates. Read the full article and how Pilates helped him recover his game following back surgery here


Pilates Verses Yoga?????

 What makes Pilates different to Yoga???? A question often asked, to get some answers take a look at the following articles in the Galgary Herald and here article!!!


11th February

Lucy Liu, star of the new CBS show Elementary and Charlies Angels, has been a fan of Pilates for over 10 years. Take a look at how herself and her friends stay motivated to keep healthy and fit.


7th February 

Fat Guy Fitness (his term not mine!!!): check out this guy, Lorenzo, taking part in a reformmer Pilates class and see how tough he found it - I know the men that attend my mat classes find them just as tough!!!!

23rd August 

See how two Redskin NFL players believe in the benefits of Pilates so much that they became certified in TRX Pilates during the off season and have now set up their studio and ahve introduced it to the whole team.


22nd August 

How Pilates played a part in the London 2012 Olympics, it seems a lot of athletes recognise the benefits of Pilates as part of their regular work out.

20th August 

Work out Clothes that emit an electrical pulse when you're not connecting to your core??? Have a read and see what you think, is it likely to catch on??

2nd August 

Mommy and Me Exercise classes??? What do you think ladies, are exercise classes where you can include your toddler a good idea or do you prefer to use your exercise class as "ME" time, a chance to get away from the family and kids for an hour? Read article here.

30th July 

Pilates, Fifty Shades of Grey and improving your sex life, want to know what they have in common? This article by Martha De Lacey explaines it all. While these exercises are shown on a reformer a mat class can offer the same benefits and you will perform similar exercises.


 3rd July

Even celebrities sweat in Pilates class, are you glad to see you're not the only one that gets hot and bothered in your Pilates class? Check out a great looking, if sweaty, Emily Blunt after attending her local Pilates class.

27th March 

Particularly of interest for the ladies - A Coregasm - yet another reason to give Pilates a go!!

Take a look at the following articles and learn how a weekly Pilates class can make you happier in more ways than one. EmpowerHer, Huffington Post

26th March

5 Myths about Pilates

20th March

One Male Journalists introduction to Pilates - my students will recognise the comment "I learned some new techniques over the weekend"

Read his full story/experience here

17th January

Pippa Middleton's Pilates Instructor, Margot Campbell follows up the launch of her DVD "The Perfect Pilates Bum" last month with the launch of her new book "Pilates on the Go"

Pippa Middleton’s shapely posterior was, undoubtedly, one of the talking points of 2011. It didn’t quite upstage the royal bride but it came close. When it emerged that Ms Middleton regarded Pilates lessons as “something of a weekly necessity”, her teacher, Margot Campbell, was besieged by journalists and publishers waving large cheques, desperate to know how she had single‑handedly sculpted the “rear of the year’’. Read the full article here.

Wednesday 26th October

Spurs Team Tackle Pilates

Premiere league football team Tottenham Hotspurs have reportedly turned to yoga and pilates classes in a bid to improve their physical fitness. Team Manager Harry Redknapp has reportedly enrolled his team in both yoga and pilates classes in a bid to boost the fitness levels of the failing squad. The Manager himself has apparently taken part in some of the pilates classes himself, along with his struggling team.

Spurs are competing both in the Premiere league and the European championship this year, so the team need to really be at the peak of physical fitness should they stand a chance of succeeding. This is thought to be the reason why Redknapp has taken to involving his players and coaches in yoga and pilates classes. The yoga instructor who takes the classes is the same one who instructed striker Brad Friedel at his old club Aston Villa.

The players and coaches must now take part in yoga and pilates sessions before each football training session, in what is an unexpected move by Redknapp who is known for his more traditional management style. When asked about the new yoga and pilates regime he said:

‘It’s great for all the players. Brad Friedel started it here. He brought a lady in and if it’s good enough for Brad with the shape he’s in at 40, then it’s good enough for the rest of us’.

The Spurs team are not the only fans of pilates, Manchester United veteran Ryan Giggs is also said to be a fan.

1st September 

Check out this article in Womens Health Magazine that out lines the three top tips to keep in mind when doing any Pilates exercise:

  1. Keep your shoulders back and down at all times
  2. Keep your abs pulled in
  3. Always keep your body aligned 

Pilates Verses Yoga?????

 What makes Pilates different to Yoga???? A question often asked, to get some answers take a look at the following articles in the Galgary Herald and here article!!!