Feedback from Students

 What My Students Say .....

Sore all over today, but feel so much stronger and relaxed for it. Good class yesterday Natasha!!!

Sylvia Long


I feel the burn this week!!! think it is those spike balls that did it!!

Joanne O'Connell


So that class was effective! My "guns" ache

My quads and bingo wings are crying out for help. Job done.. 

Horrendous aches! I made my 74 father in law look super active the way I walk today. Thanks?? See u next wk. never missing 3 in a row ever......

Nicola Tougher


Great work out this morning Natasha. A lovely group and I love the way the programme is adjusted for each person in the group. I may not be saying this tomorrow when I can't move :-D Looking forward to next week!

Miriam Mathews Anderson

I have problems with my lower back and have had surgery to help correct these problems.

Once I made Natasha aware of this she was great and made sure to ask that I was comfortable or able to do the different Pilates exercises. She is very conscious of all the people in the class and will make sure to work on everyone’s problem areas.

Since I started the class I can feel a huge difference in my core strength and a huge difference in my posture.

This time last year I could barley bend and now I’m proud to say with the help of Natasha I can now touch my toes, do full sit ups and many other exercises that I thought I would never do again.

I would fully recommend this class to anyone that has back problems or would just like to get fit. It’s well worth it.

Úna Maguire 


I started Pilates with Natasha during the summer.  I have seen an improvement in my strength and posture over the 6 week course. 
I also attend the kickboxing classes at the BMA academy and the Pilates classes have really complemented my training there.  I wasn't sure that I would like a slower paced excercise class but was pleasantly surprised with Natasha's classes as I really feel I am getting an effective, targeted work out for my body. 
Natasha is very attentive to all  her students and accounts for their varying ability levels, pushing those that can do more!  She also explains the backround and purpose of each posture very well for the most effective results.  Natasha manages to ensure that each student gets the most out of each class. 
I have signed up for the next 6 week course and would recommend the class to anyone thinking of improving their fitness.
Evette Wade

I began classes with Natasha in June.  Having previously taken Pilates classes I thought that I was well versed on the basic postures needed, however Natasha not only took the time to ensure that I fully understood exactly how to hold myself during the exercises but also that I was doing it correctly which for me was vitally important. I recently had a baby and my main reason for starting the class was to help with tone and core strength. 

I am delighted that after just 6 weeks with Natasha I can notice a real difference in my shape and I believe that this was achieved by Natasha’s constant support during class.

Audrey Burke